My career as a fitness professional has been long and varied. I hope this overview will give you an idea of how I’ve been able to make a difference in the past, and where my passion is for our future!

Personal training:  Over 20 years with GoodLife Fitness in many roles, often management, but always training my clients

Nutrition Counselling: With GoodLife Fitness, in support of my client’s health goals,

Private Clients: Programs developed in a private setting for non-gym lovers who want to achieve the same results.

Retreats: Yoga and meditation retreats in warm climates during our long, cold Canadian winters.

Mini-Retreats: A total break from everyday life stress, right here in Northumberland County.

Confidence for teens: Fostering self-esteem through combining a practical fitness program with the guidance of local aestheticians, hair stylists, and fashionistas.

Lavender Yoga: Group yoga glasses enveloped in the scent and sight of the lavender fields.

Goat Yoga: Total present moment awareness – this lovable herd has been practicing yoga with me for a year and a half and they have it dailed!

Nature Immersion: Workshops of lavender based yoga, lavender labyrinth walk, sound therapy with the crystal singing bowls.

Forest Therapy: Workshops that open our senses and connect us to the deeply healing magic of the forest.

Ongoing Volunteer Work:  Stretch Out Sundays – a community wellness program co-sponsored by Parks and Recreation Port Hope.